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Sonichen & Rosechen Introduction

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Sonichen & Rosechen: The Lost Mutant Clones of the Planet Gaus is a pop-surrealistic Science Fiction/Fantasy web-comic/novel produced by Kenneth Engelhardt of Warwick, Rhode Island. Drawn with a number of reference sources using manga characters and clip art as a starting point, Sonichen & Rosechen has undergone a period of development into a comic with a most unique storyline in a fantasy – manga context.

Outside the Comic: the website itself has undergone extensive change from simply being a web-comic into a web-comic/fantasy novel. New material is regularly being developed and expanded to provide variety and interest for my readers. A personal interest in website development and other computer related areas has been a part of my life for quite some time.

The work of a solitary writer/graphic artist is overwhelming and the website in its current state has only scratched the surface of what needs to be accomplished. There are storylines and characters that need to be developed, in both the writing and artistic areas. Sonichen & Rosechen will also be featured on Patreon as well.

Sonichen & Rosechen: Materials and Equipment

A number of books are used as reference works: Shoujo Art Studio, Shonen Art Studio, Manga Females Clip Art, Fantasy Clip Art, One Million Manga Characters, 500 Manga Characters, 500 Manga Villians and Heroes, 500 Manga Creatures, Manga Clip Art. In addition, there is an extensive libary of clip art (Art Explosion 300,000 Premium Image Collection) and now Art Explosion 800,000 with (Printed Image Catalog). In addition, there is a fairly large book collection as well as internet resources that link to various websites with photos that have been placed in the public domain. Characters will be developed using both hand drawn methods and graphics software such as Adobe Photoshop CS5 and Inkscape using a manga type format. While the website itself started on December 25, 2011 actual development did not start until around Late May to Early June in 2012. The website is being designed with WordPress with various plugins.

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