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Sonichen's Background and the Evolution of my Comic - Page 1

Sonichen is the lost mutant clone of Sonichu who was created and then violently split apart from Sonichu as a result of Sonichu being struck by a meteorite containing an extremely rare element. Sonichen is one of the two main mutant clones, the other being Rosechen. Sonichen does not have any knowledge of Sonichu since they were separated immediately after he was created. During the first issue of Sonichen and Rosechen I originally intended for them to have two separate lives. Sonichen would inhabit the real world in Charlottesville, VA while Rosechen would inhabit the science fiction world on Gaus. The first drawing of Sonichen that you see below was manually created with the colored markers and water color. This was in the pre-Photoshop days. The first drawing is pretty crude. Photoshop came into being shortly around the 2nd revision. This was around the time I had gotten a scanner to help me with my work.

As I worked on the comic on and off it became apparent to me that having the two main characters in separate locations would be spreading the characters out too thin so a decision was made to pair both of them together in the science fiction world since this was primary a fantasy comic. The various pictures below and on the next page show different designs that I experimented with to come up with something practical. The same difficulty with these early versions repeatedly surfaced. I simply did not have the artistic ability to free-hand draw these figures in different poses such as walking, running or sitting at least at this point in time.

The decision to alter Sonichen and Rosechen to a manga format was done to try and preserve uniformity among different poses such as walking or running. I especially credit the book "Shoujo Art Studio" by Yishan Li. However as I have gradually learned, the book is a tool. It is not a magic bullet and if you don't have the fundamentals of drawing, your comics are just not going to make it.

After considerable thought, Sonichen's final form was changed dramatically to make it more original.




Power Level 2
Connections with the Chaos Pickles No
Intelligence Highly Intelligent
Connections with Historical or Cryptic Secrets of Gaus/Other Planets/ Universe No
Connections with Ice Mountain No
Connections with Yettichus No
Interplanetary Connections No
Origins Sonichu
DiLenthium Clone Yes
Other Type of Clone No
Sonichu-Based Mutant Yes
Non Sonichu-Based Mutant No
Tragic Figure (Survivor of significant personal tragedy that has made this person what he/she is) No
Reclusive (Shy away from contact outside of their particular group or clan) No
Is He/She a Member of a Despised or Discriminated Minority? No
Native of the Country He/She Resides No




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